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Wildflower Wednesday

  Good morning! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. This was my look this past Sunday; Bright, Bold & Beautiful. I decided to mix colors and styles by pairing a casual blue denim shirt with my go to Print (Ankara) Skirt.  It’s interesting how a plain shirt can be easily...

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The Picture

THE PICTURE In the darkest part of my room In the inner most area of my crib Sits an old but authentic picture. The picture so dark The picture so dull But yet it sits with so much life. The picture is of a girl The picture is of a loner Who stays on the outside and observes...

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What is Life?

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. This past weekend I went to Austin with family and had a great time enjoying the sights and sounds of beautiful Austin and sharing priceless moments with amazing people. So, on our drive back to Houston I started to reflect on life....

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This past weekend was my first vending event for NP-C Concierge, Inc. and 3reeC’s – Chic Creations and Collections. This was at AFRIFEST 2015, an annual African Festival in Houston Texas that showcases different aspect of the African culture with Artwork, Games, Food, Music and Live entertainment by different...

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Plaid Pants

I’ve been praying and looking forward to the warm weather for months. There is nothing like the feeling of warmth and sunshine on my skin.  It is exhilirating. It’s not just about the great weather, but also about the rebirth of the flowers, the fresh air, the colors, the fashion and...

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