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Wildflower Wednesday

  Good morning! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. This was my look this past Sunday; Bright, Bold & Beautiful. I decided to mix colors and styles by pairing a casual blue denim shirt with my go to Print (Ankara) Skirt.  It’s interesting how a plain shirt can be easily...

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TBT – Flame On

Flame on aka Hot like fire is how I felt this past Sunday. I’m not sure if it was the style of the outfit, the Head wrap or just the bright colors. Whatever it was, I felt sexy and sassy and had to take some pictures at the end...

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Loving Hearts

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a good week. While we were most likely going through our weekly routine, people were being terrorized and killed all around the world. Yes! I said terrorism and Yes! I said all over the world. Terrorism occurs every day in our world today but...

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Teal we Spring a Break

Happy New Week! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend because I know I did. It was great being back home after being away for 1 week for work. For many who don’t know me, I am a Nurse Practitioner so “Yes” I am a woman who has a...

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The Picture

THE PICTURE In the darkest part of my room In the inner most area of my crib Sits an old but authentic picture. The picture so dark The picture so dull But yet it sits with so much life. The picture is of a girl The picture is of a loner Who stays on the outside and observes...

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Winter Body

(LOL) I know my title is probably confusing, Let Me Explain. A couple of months ago, some of my friends and I decided to be more diligent and disciplined in maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle and of course Lose Weight. Most people usually try to lose weight when summer is approaching especially...

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Elegant Vintage

“Elegant Vintage” that was the theme for my friends wedding in Houston a few months ago. It was a very beautiful and warm May afternoon and we had just driven 26hours in 2 days from Maryland. It was our first road trip together to Texas and we did it...

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Nasty Gal

Happy Teusday everyone. I found this picture last night while I was trying to organize myself, since I promised to do more blog posts this year. For those who don’t know me, I love taking pictures. It’s not because I’m vain, although I do like to check myself out...

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