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Wildflower Wednesday



IMG_5669 (2)

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. This was my look this past Sunday; Bright, Bold & Beautiful. I decided to mix colors and styles by pairing a casual blue denim shirt with my go to Print (Ankara) Skirt.  It’s interesting how a plain shirt can be easily dressed up with an elegant midi skirt and platform sandals which are both classy and timeless. I could easily have been from the 60s especially with my Afro. Like icing on a cake, I finished up my look by adding my light pink shoulder bag to compliment my shoes.

IMG_5671 (2)


IMG_5673 (2)


IMG_5674 (2)


IMG_5677 (2)


IMG_5678 (2)


IMG_5688 (2)


IMG_5691 (2)


IMG_5693 (2)



I was going for Simplicity with a little bit of Sassy.


Outfit Details

Denim Shirt – Forever 21

Ankara Skirt – Chic Creations & Collections

Handbag – Saks Fifth Avenue by Rebecca Minkoff

Shoes – Leila Stone 

The Picture




In the darkest part of my room

In the inner most area of my crib

Sits an old but authentic picture.

The picture so dark

The picture so dull

But yet it sits with so much life.

The picture is of a girl

The picture is of a loner

Who stays on the outside and observes life as it is.

She watches from the dark corner of her chamber

She observes the world and learns its secret

But never comes out of her shell to be a part of it.

The picture looks plain

The picture looks worthless

But there is a priceless story behind it, which people only dream of.


What is Life?


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. This past weekend I went to Austin with family and had a great time enjoying the sights and sounds of beautiful Austin and sharing priceless moments with amazing people. So, on our drive back to Houston I started to reflect on life. I sometimes do this when something sad has happened or sometimes when I’m happy, overwhelmed with an experience or just at peace and content with life and in that moment I was everything. I was happy, sad, thankful and hopeful in that moment driving through the countryside and as I reflected I decided to write down my thoughts on life.



Life is Art.

Expressions of emotions and thoughts

Hopes, dreams, disappointments, failures.

Once upon a time

Tells a story.

Building blocks

Various shapes, sizes, colors, textures

Experiences colored with love, hate, fear and hurt.

Materials that create your life.

Life is a journey.

Different roads and paths travelled

Roller coasters or time machines

Still your destiny is your your destination.

Life is a Gift.

Free and Priceless

A miracle.

A reflection of you.

It is beautiful, ugly, happy, sad.



Liberating, Inspiring, Empowering


Life is you.


So as we go into the New Year I want to encourage you to be true to yourself, because being your authentic self is the most liberating thing to do. Do not let life pass you by, Live your Life with Grace and Class. Love Hard, Laugh Loudly, Dream Big and let Hope Shine. Create the life you want with no apologies. Grab life by the horns and enjoy the ride.

                                                                                                                        See you in 2016. (By God’s Grace).






AFRIFEST 2015 – Part 2


Finally had a chance to upload all my pics from vendoring last weekend at AFRIFEST 2015, here are more pics to recap the day.

IMG_3438 - Copy



IMG_3437 - Copy

IMG_3433 - Copy

Very talented Artist and his Artwork

IMG_3442 - Copy

The talented author Ijeoma (in the middle) of the book below “Ije The World Traveler”.

IMG_3443 - Copy

IMG_3444 - Copy










Loved the T-shirts




More African Accessories



Here he is again with another piece he painted in real time within a few minutes right infront of everyone. It was amazing seeing him in action.


One of the many fun performances of the day



This past weekend was my first vending event for NP-C Concierge, Inc. and 3reeC’s – Chic Creations and Collections. This was at AFRIFEST 2015, an annual African Festival in Houston Texas that showcases different aspect of the African culture with Artwork, Games, Food, Music and Live entertainment by different Vendors/Businesses and Talents. The event was organized by NAMC – Nigerian American Multicultural Council, an organization that bridges cultures and generations through community outreach events and programs.

It was great to see all types of people come together to celebrate the African Culture and support the event. I enjoyed showcasing my 3reeC’s products and talk about the services provided by NP-C Concierge, Inc.  Also, the people were wonderful as we recruited new clients and networked with other vendors and business owners. I loved seeing people working hard, using their talents and being creative.

Here is a summary of AFRIFEST in pictures

IMG_3438 - Copy


Afro Couture Print Flip Flops & Ankara Purses



3reeC’s Custom Jewelry


IMG_34013reeC’s and Afro Couture Clothes


Part of the “Dream Team” aka “My Family” who helped out


Cousin and Co-Owner of NP-C Concierge



African Artworks & Clothing by DeeCubed Designs


More African Artwork




Beautiful Paintings & Jewelry by these Artists

IMG_3451 - Copy

And of course my lovely friend Isioma (an Ocuupational Therapist and Author) who came to support.

Plaid Pants


I’ve been praying and looking forward to the warm weather for months. There is nothing like the feeling of warmth and sunshine on my skin.


 It is exhilirating.


It’s not just about the great weather, but also about the rebirth of the flowers, the fresh air, the colors, the fashion and promise of life and hope.




 It is falling in love with nature and life all over again.


“Our spring has come at last with the soft laughter of April suns and shadow of April showers.” by Byron Caldwell Smith.

Happy Valentine’s Day – The Kiss


Happy Valentine’s Day ladies and gentlemen!!!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day. I know today can be a fun day for some people, like Christmas in February with lots of love and gifts, or it may be a day that reminds you that you are single or alone and for others it may be a day filled with so much pressure and expectations.

So a friendly reminder, LET GO of all the pressures that Valentine’s Day brings.

(a) DO NOT feel stressed to go out, get/give a gift or have an epic day.

(b) DO NOT feel pressured to have a date, a boyfriend/girlfriend or a husband/wife.

(c) Guys PLEASE, DO NOT break up with your lady just so you don’t have to get her a gift or take her out unless you really don’t care about her.

Valentine’s Day actually originated from the celebration of the Valentines, one was a priest and another a bishop. They became Saints after they were martyred and they were celebrated on February 14th in different Christian denominations. Over the centuries, Valentine’s Day became more of a celebration of romantic love with increasing expectations to go all out and create this grand day with gifts and activities.

In my opinion I think the most important thing is appreciating your loved ones so….

(a) You don’t need a day to remind you to show love, this should already be your lifestyle each day.

(b) You don’t need to have a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife to have a special day, you already have amazing family and friends.

(c) Be in the moment with people and enjoy yourself instead of worrying or comparing yourself to others.

(d) It is not about THINGS or PLACES, it’s about PEOPLE and RELATIONSHIPS.

Personally, I have never been obsessed with Vals Day. As a teenager, it was a day you hoped to get a rose or carnation from a secret admirer and in college it was another day to have fun with my awesome girlfriends. In my relationship I usually don’t expect much. Of course I appreciate it when my hubby surprises me but I honestly don’t like going out on a date today because everyone and their kids and grandparents are out and places are crowded (with and without reservations). Hubby and I are in sync with this, we love spending quality time with each other at home on Valentine’s Day and thank God for bringing us together.

Today is also our 5years anniversary  and we are blessed that each year our love and commitment to each other grows stronger. On that note, I’ll share a poem I wrote over a decade ago that I recently found. Once again HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY dear family, friends and lovely readers.


He kisses me, so soft and warm.

Tastes like wild berries in the winter’s eve.

Smells like sweet honey in the summer nest.


I’ve been asleep, cold and lifeless.

He lights a fire and awakens my soul.

Butterflies in my belly, flutters in my chest.

I’ve never felt this alive, didn’t think it was possible.


I yearn for more, even when I shouldn’t.

I begin to hope because now I’m awake.

At the back of my mind I ask myself, was that a kiss of life or ultimately my kiss of death?


I look to the future, because I can.

I am inspired by his touch.

His eyes are watching me, he sees into my soul.


It is scary, yet so exciting.

He seems to be a reflection of me.

For in his eyes, I see the future.

His promises and my dreams have become one.


Who am I to question this?

Is this not a once in a lifetime experience?

Is this not the beginning of the end?

Is this not a journey of a lifetime or my one true destiny?


By Chigi

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